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Frequently asked questions : Chessity for teachers and coaches

Is there a manual for teaching with Chessity?

No, Chessity does not have a traditional teacher manual.

First of all because there are huge differences in the way schools and chess clubs organize their chess lessons and the methods chess teachers use. Chessity is such a flexible teaching method that schools and chess academies can use it as they see fit. The focus is always on the individual learning process and development of the student; the teacher primarily has a coaching role to play.

Modular knowledge database for chess coaches

Make sure you read the questions in the various sections of these FAQ. They provide a lot of information about the teaching concepts and the use of Chessity, and the way coaches can organize the system for their students. If there are new questions, we add them to the FAQ. That way, we build a modular database for chess coaches.

Information about creating, setting or purchasing (additional) student accounts can be found in the ‘Accounts’ section.

If you have specific questions or want to share your own experiences, your suggestions, your successes or your doubts with us, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you. Besides, your feedback can help other coaches and helps us improve our product.

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