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Frequently asked questions : Accounts - schools and clubs

Where can I manage the settings of my students' accounts?

Students’ settings are managed in the Student Management tool (accessible via the Coach tab in the menu bar). This tool shows a list of all your students and their settings. Below you can read about the settings and how to use the student management tool.

  1. Add a student to your student management who already has a Chessity account. See also: Is it possible to convert an existing account into a student account?

  2. Add a new student. You activate one of your purchased accounts and set it up for the student.

  3. Pupils who have been inactive for a longer period of time are no longer shown in the student list. This button makes them visible again.

  4.  Sort the student list by user name (alphabetically ascending or descending) or use the search field to search for a user name.

  5. Sort the student list by name (first name alphabetically ascending or descending) or search for a name using the search field.

  6. Add a note.

  7. Sort the list by group (alphabetically ascending or descending) or search for a group using the search field.

  8. Extend the premium account period by 12 months. These 12 months will commence after the original expiry date. In order to renew an account, you need to have enough premium accounts in stock.

  9. Change your student's password or personal information. 

  10. Turns the Simplified mode (the children's learning environment) on or off. Default setting: Simplified mode on. See also: What is the Beginner mode?

  11. Unlock all lessons for an advanced student. He or she can skip easy lessons. Our advice is to be reluctant in unlocking lessons. Default setting: all lessons locked.

  12. Shield the student from contacts with strangers. By ticking Protect student, you ensure that children can only communicate within their own group. Default setting: Protected status on.

  13. Enable or disable the chat feature. The chat feature is a popular function within classes but sometimes leads to unwanted behavior. We recommend that you allow this function to be performed under normal circumstances, as it provides children with an important 21st-century skill. Default setting: chat enabled.

  14. Lock or unlock the Arena. With a locked arena the student must first get 5 stars (per week) to be able to play games in the Arena. Default setting: Arena locked with star lock.

  15. Enable or disable Chessto tasks. Chessto keeps track of which lesson(s) still have to be made in order to get a new sticker on the way to the exam. Once a week, Chessto distributes these lessons to the pupils as a special mission. If a student already has been assigned tasks by their teacher, Chessto does not hand out missions. Default setting: Chessto tasks on.

  16. Use this green button to show or hide the 'Groups' widget.

  17. This button allows you to purchase one or more new student accounts, which you can activate when you need to. Above the button you can see how many accounts you still have in stock.

  18. Use this widget to divide your students into groups.

  19. Use this widget to remove students from groups.

  20. This is a useful feature if you want to change settings for multiple students in one go. Manually tick the students in question, or tick ‘Select all’ to select all students at once.

  21. The most important settings are briefly explained here.


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