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What makes Chessity better than other teaching methods for chess education?

If you are looking for a teaching method to teach chess, then of course you want the best teaching method. Chessity is made from the conviction that digitalization is the most powerful means to let children learn and to aid teachers.

Our method is designed in such a way that it allows every school to include scholastic chess in the curriculum. Teacher do not need learn how to play chess in order to teach chess, there is no need for hiring a chess professional to teach, and differentiating between chess levels within a group is easily done.

Chessity is not a digital version of a paper method, but is fully developed from our digital DNA. Not only is Chessity adaptive and makes use of gaming learning, we have also developed advanced artificial intelligence that is absolutely unique. This makes Chessity one of the most innovative teaching methods in the world, both in the field of chess education and in general. 


Independent learning with Chessto 

The method is designed in such a way that children can learn to play chess completely independently. This is done in a playful manner, in an attractive child-friendly online learning environment, full of challenging mini-games. The Chessto robot, a virtual chess teacher, helps the students to master chess skills. It gives personalized chess instruction, helps when a student is struggling and motivates the students to persevere.

Chessto not only helps with learning and practicing new subjects, it also teaches the children what choices to make during a real game of chess. During a game, Chessto coaches students with tips and advice based on their personal level of chess and user data. This technology has been developed by Chessity and is not available in any other teaching method.


Motivation for each pupil

Children learn best when they are motivated to learn. Chessity lets students discover how much fun learning can be. The students are owner of their own learning process and can learn both linearly and non-linearly. The method uses gamification and game-learning. This makes practicing more fun and stimulates you to do more tasks. As a result, the learning process is more intensive.


Tailor-made teaching material

The method adapts itself in various ways to the level and learning styles of the user. The exercises are automatically differentiated on multiple levels. The same applies to the feedback and instruction provided by the program. Through the use of teaching bots and artificial intelligence, each student receives personal feedback and instructions that are precisely tailored to their own level. The teacher doesn't have to check anything; that's what the program does.


Student Monitoring System

For teachers there is an extensive dashboard that provides detailed insight into the progress and learning development of the students. This gives the teacher a powerful tool to coach students in their learning process.


Badges and exams

Students also have insight into their progress and performance themselves. For example, children can earn badges if they have sufficiently mastered a learning objective. Once a student has earned all badges of a level, they can take the level exam.


21st-century skills

Chessity is in line with current educational and pedagogical developments and contributes to the development of 21st-century skills among children. Learning to play chess with Chessity strengthens the metacognitive skills of the students. The long-term effect of this is that children become less dependent on a teacher and learn better.



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