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What is Chessity?

Chessity is a digital method to learn chess in a fun and easy way. The method is suitable for both primary school pupils and secondary school students, as well as adults. Chessity is designed in such a way that you can learn to play chess independently, even without a chess teacher.

The pupils go through the program at their own pace and receive help from our robot Chessto. It explains chess concepts, helps when a student finds something difficult, and distributes missions to ensure that students achieve their goals. The teacher guides the pupils in their learning process from a coaching role and does not need to be able to play chess himself. 

Chessity is fully adaptive and adapts to the level and way of learning of the user in a variety of ways, thanks to specially developed artificial intelligence. In Chessity, learning to play chess is a playful process. Gamification connects the method to the digital world in which children grow up. Learning chess in a game-based, child-friendly online learning environment boosts motivation and is super effective.

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