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Frequently asked questions : Settings

Where can I manage the settings of my students' accounts?
Some players have a chess piece with their profile picture. Why's that?
I don't have full functionality? Why is that?
What is the beginner (or simplified) mode?
The lessons are locked. Why can't I continue?
Which user settings should I choose?
How do I add a picture to my profile?
How do I set the desired language?
I want Chessto to coach me in my chess learning process. Is that possible? (Individual user)
Can I change the size of the chess pieces?
Can I change the size of the chess board?
I would like to see a chess board with coordinates. Is that possible?
Can I flip the chess board?
What does the function ‘Grant access to other accounts’ do?
What can I do with the menu item ‘Switch Accounts’?
How can I change a student's email address?