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Frequently asked questions : Chessity

What is Chessity?
Can I use Chessity to teach chess?
From what ages can children learn to play chess with Chessity?
What reading skills are required for Chessity?
Is Chessity suitable for children and adults?
What is Chessto?
What role does Chessto play in the chess learning process?
Can my child learn how to play chess with Chessity without adult help?
Can my child use his school/club student account at home?
Is Chessity suitable for beginners and advanced chess players?
What makes Chessity better than other teaching methods for chess education?
What does Chessity mean by ‘adaptive learning’?
Can I use Chessity to train my visualization and improve my board vision?
Can I learn to play chess independently with Chessity?
Is Chessity suitable for advanced chess players?
Do I need addional chess instructions to learn chess?
Can I see the progress my students are making?