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Anand's victory in four key games
by Erwin on Apr 1, 2014   8776   4
It is probably no longer a surprise for you when I tell you it was indeed Vishy Anand who won the 2014 Candidates tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk. The key to his tournament...
Carlsen-Anand rematch in the making?
by Erwin on Mar 24, 2014   2490   2
mqdefault.jpg Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar - Aronian, Levon FIDE Candidates Tournament 2014 2014.03.23 In this blog post I'd like to have an indepth look at a game that may ...
Aronian back in business!
by Erwin on Mar 17, 2014   3673   0
mqdefault.jpg Aronian, Levon - Svidler, PeterĀ  FIDE Candidates Tournament 2014 2014.03.17 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 The Grunfeld. Not much else could be expected fr...