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Lennart Molanus, Meppel (Netherlands)
About me:
Ik schaak bij de schaakclub in Meppel / I play chess at Meppel's chess club

Your diploma progress: Pawn-2 diploma

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Checkmate expert
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Member since: Aug 14, 2014
Connections: 84
Rating: 1576
Games won: 100
Puzzles solved: 7507
Puzzle Forum Points: 1

Blog entries from lennartm

Vakantiepret voor thuis: een interactieve chesscaperoom
on Jul 3, 2020, updated Jul 4, 2020   513   3
Het ziet ernaar uit dat we komende vakantie iets meer binnen gaan zitten dan we zouden willen. Vakantie naar het buitenland gaat niet zonder risico, musea en theaters zij...
Don't be selfish, share your pieces!
on Oct 17, 2016   1619   0
"Don't be selfish, share your pieces? Well here we go!" No, I don’t mean that you should give your pieces away immediately, but you should try and sacrifice once, ...
Knight Level: It was fun, indeed it was!
on Oct 16, 2016   1137   3
I'm a third-grade student, and school takes a break for a week! How should I spend this first free week of my school year? Gaming, sporting, doing nothing, or... finishin...
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