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arunjchess   Staff Coach
Arun J, Chennai (India)
Member since: 03/28/13
Connections: 408
Rating: 2161
Games won: 64
Puzzles solved: 4816
Puzzle Forum Points: 29

Blog entries from arunjchess

How come children have an easier time learning chess...
on Mar 10, 2016   4040   4
We've all been there; Face to face with a ten-year-old armed with her giggles and ponytails, being mercilessly beaten, with our pieces butchered and King dragged out in t...
Factors that influence your Chess progress - II
on Jan 5, 2016   1697   1
Once I isolated myself inside a room at my house in rural Mysore, India. A river flows near by, along with several farm lands, and other houses. I spent several month stu...
Factors that influence your Chess progress - I
on Dec 28, 2015   2366   3
In today's world, finding the right chess training material is a piece of cake. All the chess resources a player ever needs is only a google search away. Be it videos on ...
How Chessity reduces the threshold of chess learning
on Dec 18, 2015   3583   3
Have you ever wondered what makes Chessity fun and easy to use? No, not just the games. Apart from the games, there are several hidden aspects of the platform that are a...
How to run a virtual chess club using Chessity
on Dec 11, 2015   2599   0
Do you run a chess club, and love the idea of being able to manage your activities virtually - like being able to play games with fellow members, having a private space t...
Arena - the gateway to making more friends on chessity
on Nov 27, 2015   1509   0
Remember this shy little blue icon? He usually hides in the bottom of the training page. We put him in the spotlight so people can actually see him. Now, he has a story ...
A Christmas gift from Chessity.
on Nov 12, 2015   1610   11
Christmas is more than a month away, and we at Chessity have been thinking about the best gift that we could give you. Something special and better than the customary cho...
Say Chess!
on Jan 22, 2015   3127   6
The 77th TATA steel chess tournament at Wijk Aan Zee is heading to a conclusion this Sunday and the tournament is getting more exciting as it inches close to the end. The...
Chess tactics contest 2014
on Nov 21, 2014   1767   0
On the eve of the Carlsen - Anand world championship match, Chessity organized a small Chess tactics puzzle contest on Twitter. We posted ten puzzles, which were tactics ...
Wonder how Chessity's rating system worked?
on Sep 22, 2014   1344   10
Chessity uses some math and science behind its rating system. This blog is indended to make you understand about how it worked, and the complexity behind it.  If yo...
We need your input!
on Aug 30, 2014   2834   22
  Hello dear Chessity users, this is Arun, staff and community manager of Chessity. I would like to thank you for the amazing support in our journey so far. I hope ...
Tactics challenge: July 9
on Jul 9, 2014   1790   11
Did you know that Vladimir Nabokov, one of the greatest literary figures and the author of Lolita, was also a chess lover and composer? Below are two of his problems, and...
Tactics challenge: July 8
on Jul 8, 2014   1639   6
How far can you calculate in Chess? How about 125 moves? White to play Blathy,O - 1938 1-0 Mate in #125 Yes, 125 moves! I'm not joking.  After digging through mus...
Puzzle challenge: July 7
on Jul 7, 2014   1548   7
Hello everyone, here's a challenge for you! There are two interesting puzzles below, one is an endgame puzzle and another is a studies. Let's have fun solving them! Looki...
What's your plan for Sunday?
on Jul 5, 2014   1590   1
chessfootball-1626f287.jpg The coundown has begun! Chessity will be releasing its new game feature called "Arena" and make it open for ALL Chessity users this Sunday at ...
Rules for the Arena game
on Jul 5, 2014   1853   3
Behold, Chessity’s new Arena game is here. In this post, we’ve shared the basics rules about the game and how one can use it. Have fun! 1. Entering the game: You ca...
HOW TO: Activating coordinates while solving problems.
on Jun 21, 2014   1059   1
Sometimes, the board coordinates may be missing while you are training. If you ever notice this, here are a few instructions that will help you enable the coordinate butt...
Chessity goes multilingual.
on Jun 21, 2014   1272   19
ANNOUNCEMENT: Chessity goes global! Would you like to be part of it?We are currently translating the site to different languages. If you liked to help us by volunteering...
Noticed something new?
on Jun 20, 2014   1237   1
Noticed something new? The new Blitz arena is here! The hardworking Chessity team has something new for you this time. If you had a few minutes, do checkout the improve...
Warm up!
on Jun 1, 2014   895   1
Let's warm up our minds before our upcoming event: Chessity's world tactics battle! Below are three interesting puzzles with the central theme: Zugzwang.  Have fun! ...
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