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arunjchess   Staff Coach
Arun J, Chennai (India)

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Member since: Mar 28, 2013
Connections: 453
Rating: 2161
Games won: 64
Puzzles solved: 4818
Puzzle Forum Points: 31

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Tactics challenge: July 9
on Jul 9, 2014   10198   11
Did you know that Vladimir Nabokov, one of the greatest literary figures and the author of Lolita, was also a chess lover and composer? Below are two of his problems, and...
Tactics challenge: July 8
on Jul 8, 2014   1938   6
How far can you calculate in Chess? How about 125 moves? White to play Blathy,O - 1938 1-0 Mate in #125 Yes, 125 moves! I'm not joking.  After digging through mus...
Puzzle challenge: July 7
on Jul 7, 2014   1862   7
Hello everyone, here's a challenge for you! There are two interesting puzzles below, one is an endgame puzzle and another is a studies. Let's have fun solving them! Looki...
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