Chess tactics battle event

Chess tactics battle event


Every weekend, we will organize three chess tactics battle events at Chessity! The free events will start at Saterday 12:00 CET, Sunday 12:00 CET and 20:00 CET and will last for 30 minutes!


Every week new awards                       

Every week the three winners will win a one month premium subscription!

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Event rules                                           Visual tour>>

1. The event will last 30 minutes and will be played using the Chessbox game format only. 

2. Every chessplayer solves chess puzzles on his/her own level!

3. To win the tournament, you need to collect game points.

Chess box game

Chess box game rules                              More>>

1. Collect points to win this game! The most important thing here is picking the right chess boxes! Apart from solving the chess puzzles of course.

2. Each chess box contains a chess puzzle with a different level of difficulty. In addition, we put points, bombs or free rides to success in your chess boxes.

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