Chess tactics battle - visual tour

Chess tactics battle. Visual tour

Every weekend, we will organize three chess tactics battle events at Chessity! The free events will start at Saterday 12:00 CET, Sunday 12:00 CET and 20:00 CET (18:00 GMT) and will last for 30 minutes! How it works:

1. Every Sunday at "Train/Games" there is a countdown to the next event.

Tune your clock


2. Click on the tactics battle icon at "Train/Games" and the game starts.

Chess tactics battle


3. Play the game and note the extra event countdown!

the game

3. Collect the game points and go to the Cafe.

tactics battle game points

4. Follow your ranking live in the cafe ("Train/Cafe") and start a new game.

cafe ranking

5. During and after the event you can see the complete ranking list at "Statistics/Event".



Event tip:

Do not forget it is a gaming event. So, you need a game plan in order to have success. Being a strong chess player might help, but in this case... maybe not! Have fun!


Training tip:

After the event you can start the special game "errors" at "Train/Games", and solve the puzzles you got wrong during the event.

Special Chess tactics games