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Momir Radović, Atlanta (United States)
About me:
Chess educator and blogger at Georgia's #1 Chess Blog,
Member since: 04/19/15
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Rating: 1000
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Puzzles solved: 300
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Throwing Down the Gauntlet to the Old School of...
on Aug 25, 2017   376   0
Hi chess people of Nederland and Chessity guests, The new ALT-Chess Square 1 method is out. Its First Hour of Chess, Part 13 of Principia Scacchorum was published on che...
How to Get Far in Chess: Get the Basics Right
on Jul 14, 2017   2441   8
Master the basics – only then you can go any further You study hard to be better at chess. You spend hours and hours accumulating knowledge of all stages of the ga...
Chess is No More a Game
on Jun 10, 2015   1711   1
A Forgotten Interview with David Bronstein Amazingly, I couldn’t find anything more than few sentences in French as I wanted to check online any mention of the 200...
Chess Cartoons: Jovan Prokopljević
on May 7, 2015   868   1
Jovan Prokopljević is a Serbian architect, award-winning cartoonist and caricaturist; he is known after his gnomish chess players with large noses and rotund bodies that...
Trying to Understand Endgame
on May 7, 2015   2152   0
Don’t pack up your chess pieces yet There are endings to everything. They are universally inevitable and common to both life and chess. This inspired Samuel Becket (1...
Better Chess Vision. A Manifesto
on May 7, 2015   3319   13
It is becoming necessary for the attention of chess teachers, instructors and educators to be drawn to one circumstance which seems to be so slight that they do not even ...
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