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Carl Thomen, Stellenbosch (South Africa)
About me:
Loves: Walking dogs in wild places.
Hates: Mosquitoes
Birthday: 03 June 1982
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Scaffolding Learning in Chess and Life
on Sep 14, 2016   4378   2
“Learning is experience,” said Albert Einstein, the greatest genius of our time, “everything else is just information.” I couldn’t help thi...
Learning the Art of Learning with a former Chess...
on Nov 11, 2014   852   0
A while back I wrote a piece on child chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin’s take on the art of Learning. In case you didn’t read that piece, Josh Waitzkin is the kid ...
Are you ‘doping’ when you drink coffee...
on Nov 10, 2014   918   0
I’ve never thought my mocha java could be classified as a performance-enhancing drug. I wonder whether any of my online opponents would have objected to me slugging...
Why Brain Games Are Wasting Your Time
on Nov 4, 2014   702   0
We’ve all seen luminous advertising for websites that provide simple memory and pattern-recognition games that make you smarter when you play them (or at least, that’...
How you can easily improve your class’s focus...
on Oct 21, 2014   617   0
Teachers, is it just me, or does the younger generation lack for focus and discipline in the classroom? The worrying lack of attention span and basic respect for the lear...
How An Ancient Game Can Help You Meet Your Soulmat
on Oct 14, 2014   571   0
The Power of Black and White Have you noticed how single people are always complaining that it’s hard to meet other single people? Maybe you’re single yourself and h...
Why You Can Learn Anything (and how chess can help you)
on Oct 5, 2014   1267   0
You should have heard of Josh Waitzkin. He was the kid that inspired the Searching for Bobby Fischer movie. If you’re still struggling, think former American chess ...
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