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Vilnius (Lithuania)
About me:
Hey, welcome to my profile!

I am a beginner chess player from Lithuania with a passion for learning and improving my chess skills.
I came across Chessity while searching for a place where I could see my chess skills flourish. The hand fit the glove and here I am, playing various training games and competing with other people here. So far it's been a blast and I believe that Chessity will become the hub of 'gaming your training' and the community will only grow.
Member since: 07/09/14
Connections: 4
Rating: 1582
Games won: 6
Puzzles solved: 535
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on Jan 12, 2016   20677   0
Motivation is an extremely powerful tool when it is used correctly. To begin with, ourmotivations are unbelievably interesting, they are engaging, surprising and little b...
Chess is harder than I thought.
on Dec 13, 2014   1477   1
This blog is for those Chessity users, who quickly realized that wining a “Castle Assault” game won’t be a walk in the park even if you have the basic k...
Do Children Like Having It Difficult?
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Teaching something to your own children can be a delicate issue. Parents usually have very strong opinions on what their child ‘needs’ and what is ‘bene...
Learn by Doing
on Nov 27, 2014   1584   1
Children have been learning by trial and error from the very first steps they took, the very first words they spoke and the very first things that they did. A child does ...
Chess and language acquisition
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In 2011, Deb Roy, a cognitive scientist and MIT researcher gave a TED talk about the birth of words and how we communicate the most popular topics through ...
A Tale of Two Chess Boards
on Nov 4, 2014   12721   1
Many games today have moved into a digital format and are experienced in the comfort of your own home. Even a game like football has become a console phenomenon, with sa...
A Checkmate for ADHD
on Oct 22, 2014   10807   1
Playing Chess is very beneficial. In fact, Chess has been used as a brain-developing game for ages, and due to it's distinguished history is regarded as the king of all g...
A game a day turns your B-grade to an A
on Sep 18, 2014   3067   0
Do you children play computer games and it worries you that they are wasting their time? Or maybe the types of games they play worry you most? Today, the video game ind...
My Journey as a Beginner Chess Player
on Sep 14, 2014   575   0
I wanted to share my experiences with chess and Chessity as a new player, so that more and more newcomers could refer to this blog for guidance or information, since my f...
The Benefits of Chess
on Sep 12, 2014   158355   1
Chess has long been the game of gentleman, geniuses, philanthropists and other gifted people. This has formed an incredibly wide misconception around the word that ONLY g...
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