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Openingtrainer pawn with tempo 2

Let's go back in time! Remember when we discussed the topic of tempo gain in an earlier opening lesson?

By attacking an enemy piece the opponent is forced to react. After the opponent has solved the attack, it is our turn again. We call this a gain of a tempo. The move that leads to a gain of a tempo can in fact be considered 'free'.

Look at the first example. Here White can make progress in the center by moving the d-pawn one square forward. This square is covered, but that is not a problem, because White has a second pawn in the center that controls this square. After the pawns are exchanged, the black knight is chased away with the gain of a tempo. Because we force Black to respond, it is not so bad that the silver rules are broken.

What do you have to do?

Look for active developing moves, but also consider whether you can make progress in the center with tempo gain.

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