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Openingtrainer queen’s pawn with black

Unfortunately, we are not always allowed to play the first move in a game of chess. Half of the games it is the opponent's turn first!

An important difference when playing with black is that White is the one who determines the opening move. If White chooses to place the queen’s pawn in the center, we cannot respond by placing the king pawn in the center. This pawn will then be lost! Black will therefore want to adapt the strategy to White's game. Fortunately, Black has many good strategies at his or her disposal.

Whether White chooses the king's pawn or queen's pawn, the principles in the opening are the same. In both cases we want to focus on the center, development and bringing the king into safety.

Look at the first example. Here Black makes a smart preparatory move with the b-pawn, after which the light-squared bishop can be played to a nice diagonal.

What do you have to do?

Develop your pieces or investigate how you can prepare the development of your pieces.

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