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Openingtrainer introduction

Welcome to a new format! In this lesson we are going to delve into the chess opening. By now we know that it is not necessary to become a walking encyclopedia if you want to become great at chess. Instead of memorizing long move sequences, it is smarter to focus on principles. That way you can come up with your own moves behind the board without having to memorize everything.

Within Chessity, you are used to there being only a single correct solution. So you will encounter puzzles where you can deliver checkmate or win material. Yet in real games you will also encounter very different positions. A chance to win material or deliver checkmate does not come by automatically. To create chances it is important to put your opponent under pressure with smart moves from the very start of the game!

An important difference between games and tactical exercises is that in real games there is often not one specific move that stands out. Sometimes you will find yourself in a position where as many as five moves are equally clever! In such a case, it doesn't matter which of the five you choose, as long as you choose one of these moves. Even if there are several good options, there can be a significant difference between the quality of these good moves and the alternatives. 

The special thing about lessons in the openingtrainer is that there are multiple good answers. Your job is to find as many of these good moves as possible! In this introductory lesson, the good moves will all conform to the golden rules. In subsequent lessons, we will also add new principles!

What do you have to do?

Try to find five good moves. See if you can put a pawn in the center and try to actively develop your knights and bishops. 

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