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Openingtrainer dealing with tension

Playing a game of chess is in itself extremely exciting. But did you know that tension is also a term on the board? Tension exists when two pieces of different colors are in contact with each other. This topic often comes up when pawns can capture each other. After all, if you choose not to capture, the opponent has the chance to capture your pawn! However, capturing is certainly not mandatory. We're not playing checkers!

There are three main ways to deal with tension, and we'll cover them in three examples:

  1. Maintain tension by covering.
  2. Release tension by advancing.
  3. Release tension by capturing.

What do you have to do?

Look for different ways to release the tension. In cases where you choose to cover, it is often smart to do this with a minor piece (knight or bishop), so that you improve your development at the same time.

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