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Openingtrainer pitfall 2

We're back to the traps! In the puzzles in this lesson there will always be a very tempting move. Try to calculate this move carefully, because there may be an ambush. If the tempting move doesn't work, there are plenty of healthy alternatives.

Look at the first example. Here Black has the opportunity to capture a pawn. Yet that is a huge blunder, because the queen gets trapped in the corner. Before capturing a pawn, it is important to calculate the consequences of the move.

In the second example you see what Black can do better. By challenging the white bishop with the flank pawn, Black sets a trap. And look, White falls for it! With a beautiful combination, Black manages to capture a pawn. So you see, as long as you wait patiently, that opportunity will come.

What do you have to do?

Look for the best moves. Be careful not to fall into the trap!

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