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Setting up a skewer (1)

A skewer is a form of double attack. By means of an 'x-ray attack', you can see right through someone. In health care, this is useful to see if a bone is broken. In chess, x-ray refers to looking right through another piece. With one piece you can thus attack two of the other's pieces that stand on the same file, row or diagonal.

A skewer is a useful weapon of attack, but not always immediately feasible. By now you know from the previous series of lessons on the discovered attack that three forcing moves can help you to use an attacking weapon one move later:

1) Check

2) Capture

3) Threat

In this lesson you will learn how to use a check to chase the king to an unfavorable spot. Afterwards you can take advantage with a skewer! In the following example everything becomes clear.

What do you have to do?

Chase the other player's king to an unfavorable square by giving a check.Then win material by means of a skewer.