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Promotion Monster (1)

Do you remember? If a pawn succeeds in crossing the board, you have to exchange it for a queen, a rook, a bishop or a knight. This is called promotion.
Of course, the other does not want to let that happen. What if he is going to do something against your plan?

In this lesson, the black king will try to stop your pawn. He races the pawn to the promotion square. But he is always too late. That is because the king is too far away.

You can see if the king can overtake your pawn by looking at the square. You can find the square by counting the squares in front of the pawn and then counting an equal number of squares to the side.

The king stands in the square area. He can catch the pawn, whether White is to move or Black. 


If the king outside the square, the pawn can safely promote.


Now look at the examples.
In example 1, you learn to find the square.
In example 2, you see that you can sometimes promote nonetheless, even though the king is inside the square.


What should you do?

Promote your pawn, but make sure that the new piece cannot be captured.

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