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Common checkmates

You already know some ways to checkmate: checkmate from closeby, checkmate from a distance, or checkmate with one piece. In this lesson, you will see these checkmates again.

There is a number of mate patterns that are very common. Evey chess player should know these basic checkmates. You can use them in your own games! Take a look at the examples:

  • Example 1 shows a checkmate from close by: the scholar's mate.
  • Example 2 shows a checkmate from a distance. This is the lawnmower mate.
  • Example 3 shows a checkmate with one piece. This is back-rank mate.

In this lesson you are going to the deliver checkmate in common mate patterns.

Later on, we'll come back to these mate patterns and practise some more so that you can become a real mate monster!


What do you have to do? 

Checkmate the king in one move.

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