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Count & capture (1)

Capturing an unprotected piece is usually a good thing. But even if a piece has one or more protectors, it may be a good move to take it.

You have learned before to count attackers and defenders. If there are more attackers than defenders, you can make your capture.
However, good calculation is essential!

Take your time to study the examples.

In a series of captures, it is usually best to capture with the least valuable piece first. The most valuable attacker takes last.

You have practised this before, but now the board is more crowded. This makes is more difficult to find the piece that has more attackers than defenders.
Make sure to scan the whole board, or you might overlook something.

What do you have to do?

Capture a piece that is insufficiently protected and gain material.
Start by finding the piece that is under attack. Then, count the attackers and the protectors.
Are there more attackers than defenders? This generally means that you can win the piece.
Think carefully about which piece to capture with first!

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