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Mate Monster: Mate on h7 (2)

Once more, you are a mate monster that is hungry for a checkmate. Time to come up with new plans to beat your opponent! This time, we are going for a mate on square h7.

After castling, the other side’s king is safe behind a row of pawns. But this does not mean that checkmate is impossible. Mate monsters are unstoppable!

After castling, the pawn on h7 is a good target. If the queen and bishop work together nicely, White can attack this weak spot.

The example shows you how this works.

What do you have to do?

Your goal is checkmate on h7 (the red square). Your bishop and queen have to work together. See which one of these is already pointed at h7 (queen or bishop). Then, try to bring in the other piece to help. This plan may take you three or four moves, so you need to think ahead!