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Mate Monster: Mate on g7

Castling makes it much more difficult for the other side to attack the king. However, with a pawn missing, the king is rather unsafe after castling. Being a mate monster, that’s just what you need to beat your opponent!

Have a look at the example.

In the example, Black is forced into mate. This means that it is impossible to defend against checkmate.

In a real game, your opponent may well be able to stop you from carrying out your plans.
But in this lesson, we think it’s great if you can find the mate plan and you get rewarded. The other side makes mistakes in defending his king and you can checkmate on g7!

Don’t forget to use all your mate monster skills in your chess games. Keep looking for plans like these. It will help you win more games.

What do you have to do?

Your goal is checkmate on g7 (the red square). Your bishop and queen need to work together. Come up with a plan: which moves do you need to play to checkmate the king? This may take you three or four moves, so keep calculating!