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Mate Monster: Mate on h7 (1)

In this lesson, you will make new mate plans. Once again, you are a monster that is looking for a checkmate.  This time, your aim is to checkmate on the h7 square.

After castling, the black king is safe behind a row of pawns. Or isn’t he? If you play it smart, you may succeed in mating on h7. Your pieces have to team up for mate. So it is not good enough to move your pieces around and hope for the best. You have to make a plan first.

Look at the example to see how this works.

It is alway smart to look out for a possible mate on the h7 square. With a good plan, you can surprise the other player with a real monster mate.


What do you have to do?

Checkmate on h7. Make your bishop and your queen work together. Do pay attention to your opponent’s moves, or your plan may fail.