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Mate Monster: Mate on f7 (2)

You know what checkmate is and you have already learned a lot of ways to checkmate the king. But often, mate is bit further away than the next move. If that is the case, you have to make a plan in order to win.

In this lesson, we have given you real monster powers. The other player does not make very smart moves. He forgets to defend. Whoops… but hurray for you: like a real mate monster, you can checkmate his king!

Have a look at the example.

This is a very famous mate plan: the four-move Scholar’s Mate. Watch the moves to see how White wins. Every mate monster dreams about a quick win like this!

The Scholar’s Mate is a supercool mate plan. But it is also some kind of a fairy tale. You won’t get far with this plan if the other player pays attention. If he spots your plan, it does not work at all! Now that you have seen it, you won’t fall for it, will you? But in this lesson, the fairy tale always comes true…


What do you have to do?

Your goal is checkmate on f7 (the red square). Come up with a plan. Your bishop and queen are going to help each other. Which moves do you need to play in order to checkmate the king?