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Name the squares

A chess board has 64 squares. Each square on the board has a name. Square names come in handy when you talk or write about a chess game or puzzle.

Square names always have a letter and number.

The letter comes from the file (the up-and-down lines). The number comes from the rank (the side-to-side lines on the board). 

By using both the letter and the number, you get the name of the square. Start out with finding the name of the file (the letter). Then, spot the number of the rank. It is like a first name (letter) and a last name (number). The bottom left square is a1. And the top right square? That square is called h8. 

Now look at the example. Do you know the names of the kings' squares?

What do you have to do?

The frog jumps to a square. Name the square by clicking the correct letter and number. Rebember: square names always start with the letter.