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Brainy pawns (1)

Pawns are special. They move straight, but take diagonally. And there’s more. As you learned in Pawn level, pawns can be promoted.

Do you remember how that works? If a pawn makes it to the last row, you can change it for a queen, a rook, a bishop or a knight. This change is called 'promotion'. Chess players often use the word ‘queening’ when they promote a pawn to a queen.

The word ‘promotion’ means that something gets a higher value. The little pawn was not very strong. But the new piece is much stronger! More chance for you to win the game!

That’s why we are going to practise with pawns that have nearly made it to the other side.
Usually, it is great to take a stronger piece. However, with pawns on their way to promotion, capturing is not always the best move.

Look at examples 1 and 2. The pawn can take a knight, but he’d better not.
In example 3 promoting to a queen, without capturing first, seems the smartest option. But it isn’t! It will result in being checkmated by Black!

What do you have to do?
Promote a pawn, but do it wisely.
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