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Deflection (2)

Ha! Your opponent might be a good defender, but you know what to do about that!

You already know that you can take the defender or chase it away. If that does not work, there is third tricky tactic. You can also lure away the defender.

The examples show how this is done.
In example 1, luring away is very similar to deflecting. But now, White first gives up one of his pieces. This makes it possible to take a stronger piece himself in the next turn.
In chess this is called a decoy sacrifice. Decoys can be very powerful!

Example 2 shows another type of luring away. This time, White does not have to sacrifice a piece. He takes advantage of an overloaded piece.
Overloading occurs when a single piece has two defensive jobs at the same time. It is simply too busy.

What do you have to do?
Beat the defender by luring it away.
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