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Stalemate traps

In the previous lesson, we wanted to avoid a stalemate. We were way up in pieces and wanted to win the game instead of getting a draw.

But when you are losing horribly, a half point is pretty good. A lot better than losing! When the board is nearly empty, stalemates can be a great way to escape losing. You can try to trap the other player into stalemate!

Have a look at example 1. White is way behind, but he does not lose. By sacrificing a queen, he brings about a stalemate. Just watch the moves.

In example 2, White gives up a rook for a stalemate.

Do you plan on sacrificing your last piece to bring about a stalemate? Make sure that the other player is forced to capture. For instance, by using a check.

Now look at example 3. This shows that should not play without thinking. You have two options. One results in stalemate. The other gets you checkmated. 

What do you have to do?
Trap your opponent into stalemate. Sacrifice your last piece to bring about a stalemate. Make sure that your opponent is forced to capture it.
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