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Defend against double attack: moving away + protecting

You already know how to defend one attacked piece. But what can you do to defend against a double attack? That is not so easy. But it is not impossible, either.

Sometimes you can solve two problems in one move. You have to combine two defensive technics to do that. This lesson covers moving away plus protecting.

Take a look at example 1. White faces a double attack on his king and rook. Still, he is able to save himself!

In example 2, White wriggles out of a skewer by means of moving away plus protecting.

Even when two pieces are attacked at once, you may be able to save them by moving away plus protecting. See example 3.

In example 4, too, White has two problems. Yet, he can save his rook and prevent mate. By moving away plus protection. Nice job!

What do you have to do?
Defend against a double attack. Use moving away plus protecting. Remember to do this safely.
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