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Special attacks: skewers

A skewer is a type of double attack.
A skewer is a long pin that is pushed through pieces of food. You probably know it from barbecueing.
Chess also has skewers. Skewers are attacks that go right through pieces. In just the same way as an X-ray defense looks through pieces as well. (A less common name for a skewer is an X-ray attack.) 

Example 1 shows you how a skewer works.

It is even more fun to skewer the king. The king is checked and must move. The target is the piece behind the king. If that is unprotected, you can take it. See example 2.

Skewers are similar to pins, but just the other way around. 
In a skewer, the more valuable piece is in front of the lesser piece. 
In a pin, the piece of greater value is behind a piece of lesser value.

To spot a skewer, you have to look for pieces that are lined up along a rank, a file or a diagonal.

What do you have to do?

Carry out a skewer and win points.

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