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Pawn captures

Pawns have the lowest value of all. Yet, they have real power!

Take a look at the first example.
Taking either the knight or the rook will earn White points. Since the rook is the more valuable piece, it’s best to take the rook.

In the second example, White can capture a pawn. It is best to take the pawn on the green square. White gets 1 point. Should White pick the other pawn, Black will recapture. White gains nothing by this.
If you see a good move, slow down. Ask yourself how the other player might answer your move.

Since pawns are worth only 1 point, we tend to focus on the other pieces. But don’t forget about your pawns!
In the third example, the bishops attack each other. If White’s bishop takes, Black will take this bishop in return. This is an even trade. It is much better to take with the pawn. This earns White 3 points!

What do you have to do?
Capture a piece with a pawn. Think before you act: what is the best move?

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