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Checkmate from a distance (1)

Often, it’s not possible to checkmate from close by.
Don’t worry! You can also make mate from a distance.
To do so, your pieces have to work together.

Take a look at the chessboard.
The rook on the 7th rank has trapped the king on the back rank.
The king can only move to the left or to the right (the green squares).
In order to make mate, White has to do two things at the same time.
He has to give check. And he must make sure that the king can’t go to the green squares anymore.

How does White do that?
By moving the rook from the 6th rank to give check on the 8th rank.
Working as a team, the rooks have locked up the king.
Nice work! Black is checkmated.

What do you have to do?
Checkmate the king from a distance.