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En passant capture

When a pawn makes its very first move, it has a choice.
It can move one square or two squares at once!
You already know that.
But there’s something else!

Pawns can speak a little bit of French…
They can capture en passant. This is French for ‘in passing’.
It is pronounced 'ahn pass-sahnt'.
One pawn can capture another without actually taking it!

How does en passant capturing work?

  • Only pawns can capture en passant. One pawn takes another.
  • En passant capturing is done right after a pawn has moved up two squares in one turn.
  • You pretend it only moved up one square. Your pawn captures diagonally and takes the other pawn.
  • You have to this at once. If you don’t, you lose the right to capture en passant.

What do you have to do?
The black pawn makes a move. Can white capture en passant?
Click on the traffic lights to answer. Red = no, green = yes.

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