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More attackers than defenders

Sometimes a piece seems to be well protected, but it is not. You can still win it when you use more than one piece to attack it. In order to win the piece, you must have at least one more attacker than the other side has defenders. However, think before you move. In what order should you let your pieces capture? If you start with the wrong piece, things can get nasty.

The example will help you understand. Either your bishop or your queen can capture the black knight. Black’s bishop will recapture, but you can take that in return.
This is what happens if your queen makes the first capture:
Knight + bishop (3 + 3) = 6 points. But then you lose your queen: minus 9 points. That’s not so good.
Now we have the bishop capture first:
Knight + bishop (3 + 3) = 6 points. Then you lose your bishop: minus 3 points. You have a total profit of 3 points (6 - 3 = 3). So this order of capturing is better!

Usually, it is best to make the first capture with your least valuable piece. Save the most valuable attacker for the last capture.

What do you have to do?
Attack a piece more often than it is defended and win material. Start by finding the attacked black piece. Count how many pieces attack and how many defend. Are there more attackers than defenders? Then you can usually win the piece. But do think carefully about which piece should capture first.