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Profitable exchange

Winning material is very important in chess. Your opponent has fewer pieces or weaker pieces. That gives you a good shot at winning.
It is called an exchange when you take a piece and the other player recaptures. Both players win a piece and lose one. If the piece that you have won is worth more than the one you lost, it is a profitable exchange.

Sometimes exchanging pieces takes more than one move. In that case, you have to calculate who wins the most points in exchanging.

What do you have to do?
The goal of this exercise is to win material. That sounds easier than it is. Start with taking in all possible moves. Even if you can’t spot any loose pieces, there is still a way to win material.

Look at the example.
You can trade two black knights for one white rook. Now you have to count:
A knight is worth 3 points. Two knights have a total value of 6 points (3 + 3 = 6)
A rook is worth 5 points.
So, two knights have a higher value than one rook. Your material profit is 1 point. This is a profitable exchange.