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The pawn (2)

More adventures with our little friend, the pawn. Do you remember? A pawn moves forward, one square at a time. It can never move backward. Pawns can’t jump over other pieces. Pawns take diagonally, like bishops do. This means they can’t capture a piece that is right in front of them.

If a pawn makes it to the last row, you can change it for a queen, a rook, a bishop or a knight. This change is called promotion. The word ‘promotion’ means that something gets a higher value. The little pawn was not very strong. But the new piece is much stronger!

On its first move, you may move a pawn one step ahead or two steps at once! You only have this choice when your pawn is still on the second row. In all following moves, a pawn moves only one square forward.

What do you have to do?

First, move your pawn to the last rank and promote it. Use your new piece to collect the coins.Then, go to the flag and take that.

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