Improve your chess skills

Train your chess skills

How can I enhance my chess skills and improve my rating? For chess players, this is one of the most commonly asked questions. Research shows that chess tactical skills improve by targeting different brain functions with different engaging chess exercises that are challenging without being discouraging.

Chessity’s adaptive algorithms scale the difficulty level of each training exercise to match your progress. This technology calibrates each activity to your skill level, which makes Chessity appropriate for users of every chess strength.

Chess tactics lessons

Chessity's tactics training is based on memorization of key concepts and positions. These key positions eventually become your 'instant memory'. With over 50.000 interactive, hand-crafted tactics puzzles to solve, Chessity is the best place to train your chess tactics online.

Endgame training

Three endgame trainers developped by experts in the field help you to master chess endgames. Studying endgames is also an ideal training method for calculations practice.

Visualization training

If you lose games by hanging pieces, our training game ‘route planner’ is something for you. This games trains your board vision and your visualization skills. You learn to have a better control of the potential of the pieces, because you can visualize the movements of the pieces in your mind’s eye.  

Build a daily routine

A complete daily chess workout takes only 10 to 15 minutes, Chessity fits easily into even the busiest schedules. You’ll experience positive outcomes after 20 days of 10-minute daily sessions. Invest a few minutes every day, and you will reap the rewards.

Coach yourself

Set your goal, monitor your results and personalize your training. Chessity’s coaching tools help you map your individual learning. What’s more: you can use this tools to coach others as well. Or they can coach you.