Empower your teaching

21st-century teaching and coaching

Chessity is the most advanced chess teaching method for schools, chess clubs, and other educational settings. Chessity believes in the future of education, therefore we use 21st-century teaching tools to empower chess teachers in unheard-of ways.

Ready-to-use chess curriculum

Chessity offers complete chess courses, from absolute beginner to master. Using our ready-to-use chess lessons save you on preparation time and enable teachers with little or no chess knowledge to teach chess.

For age 6+

Few reading skills are required in the first year. All texts are adapted to appropriate reading levels.

Student dashboard

The unique monitoring system provides you with a wealth of information to optimize student potential. Detailed charts and summary statistics track development. This information helps you to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses.

Easy differentiation

Chessity uses artificial intelligence to personalize the learning process for your students. This enables you to teach larger groups, while differentiating between chess levels at the same time.

No correction work

The system gives direct feedback if a student makes a mistake. This saves you a lot of time.

Community support

Find and share solutions with fellow Chessity coaches around the world. Special Ambassador Program and Expert Group. 

High value, low price

Cost-effective digital learning to create customized learning experiences.


Why It Is Good To Make Mistakes 

Doing is learning and making mistakes is part of the process. More than that: mistakes are a good thing! This is a key concept of Chessity: 'productive failure', making m...

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How To Re-Energize Your Chess Teaching With 21st Century Tools 

You love chess. You love introducing kids to chess. But more often than you like, your chess classes drain your energy. You know the feeling, don’t you? You've pr...

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'When I discovered Chessity, I thought 'this is it!'

In Brazil, chess teacher Davy d’Israel has created a real Chessity stronghold and dreams about a national chess program in schools. “Chess can teach children ...

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Chessity in practice, Regobert's story 

Chessity in practice In the spring of 2014, I was approached by an elementary school that wanted to organize chess competition. And before I even knew it, the school had...

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