Learn how to play chess

Learn how to play chess

One-to-one tutoring has long been thought the most-effective approach to chess education. Chessity incorporates artificial intelligence to simulate and enhance this learning concept. Combined with gamificiation, this makes Chessity the most advanced way to learn chess. 

200+ chess lessons

Chessity consists of a complete online chess method with over 200 easy-to-follow chess lessons, from beginner to master level.  Our highly visual lessons include gaming elements to make learning fun and easy. Videolessons included. Start with basic piece movement and useful tactics, and move on to advanced chess motives and endgame theory.

Interactive and adaptive

Chessity incorporates smart teaching bots, based on sophisticated algorithms, that serve as your own intelligent tutor system. They provide timely guidance, direct feedback, and explanations to the learner. Besides, they analyze your learning behavior, measure your chess level and adapt the level of difficulty correspondingly. This guarantees personalized learning with optimized effectivity.

Gamified learning

Gamification appeals to today’s kids (and adults!), who grow up playing games. It boosts motivation and has a scientifically proven effectiveness. Gamified learning is the secret ingredient that makes you crave for more chess. It if fun, super effective and it keeps you playing on.



Meet Chessity’s teaching bots: your one-on-one chess tutor

In a traditional classroom or group setting, one-on-one chess teaching is difficult to provide. That’s where artificial intelligence comes to your aid. We used it to create teaching bots that serve as intelligent tutor systems. Here's how they work.

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