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Chessity, the #1 online chess learning program for adults and children

Learn with 200+ lessons

Use our easy to follow, interactive lessons to learn chess. Start at your own level and learn step by step.

Gaming your training  

Discover the power of gamification. Play fun and challenging mini-games to train your skills unawares.

Reach your daily goals

Keep your chess goals top of mind. Built-in psychological mechanisms boost your motivation.

Track your progress

Monitor your results and personalize your training. Map your individual learning with our coaching tools.

Nurture your brain

Chess is a real brain booster for all ages. Use Chessity as a brain workout to improve your mental fitness.

Join the community

Together is often better than alone. More fun, more motivation. Get engaged and socialize your training.

Educational gaming, serious fun

Chess learning through puzzles and mini games

Frog Race: Learn different chess moves while racing frogs with other players
Castle Assault: Solve chess puzzels to storm the castle and conquer the gold
The River: Let the frog leap through the river, your personal learning route

What others say about Chessity

Martin (USA)
I decided to give chess a try after I broke my leg. Since I couldn’t move around it seemed kind of fitting do to some mental exercise instead. My dad taught me chess when I was a kid, but it didn't stick. So I just started at the beginning and took it from there. Chessity gently guides you along from the basics to more advanced levels. That's nice. It's not easy, but I really enjoy it.

Saskia (The Netherlands)
I am a very enthousiastic Chessity user. I was 50 when I started to learn chess. I follow the lessons to improve my chess and they really help me to understand things. I'm improving on the chess tactics as well. I really enjoy doing the exercises on Chessity. Too bad that my real live opponents never neatly follow the themes and tactics that I'm practising ;-) 

Tom (Great Britain)
My daughter wanted to learn chess and asked me to teach her. But I didn’t know how to play myself. So now we use Chessity to learn chess together. My daugher loves the special kids’ design, with a happy frog jumping through a river. I use the adult interface, but the lessons are the same. It’s really special to share this learning experience. 

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