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Chessity at Tata Steel Chess

18 January: SC Telstar Stadium, Velsen-Zuid

19 January: De Kuip, Rotterdam

21-22 January: Kids' Weekend, Wijk aan Zee

25 January: Philharmonie, Haarlem

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Master advanced skills 

Learn advanced techniques and tricks by masters and grandmasters. With a world-class section on endgames. 

Gaming your training   

Discover gamification, Chessity's unique training approach. Fun and rewarding mini-games engage you to train harder.

Tailor you tactics training

50.000+ handmate chess exercizes and a smart adaptive program allow you customize your training to your needs.

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Detailed statistics let you monitor your progress. Personalize your training with our online coaching tools.

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Good visualization skills are key to chess succes. Discover the power of Chessity's epic board vision training tool.

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Together is better. More fun, more motivation. Play with friends, socialize your training and analyze together.

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Improve your chess through tactical puzzles and mini games

World Cup: Win the World Cup by solving tactics faster and better than your opponent
Lessons: Master advanced chess techniques as you progress
Endgames: Deepen your endgame knowledge with essential to advanced endgame studies
Café: Analyze your tactics training with players from all over the world
Coaching: Monitor your progress and stay motivated

What others say about Chessity

Martin (Canada)
Chessity is clearly different from other sites. There’s no passive learning. All lessons and endgame trainings are interactive and require you to apply what you study. I think this engagement is why it works so well. Plus, mistakes are treated mildly, which is nice. In just a few months, my board vision and pattern recognition have significantly improved and so has my ability to calculate.

Daniel (The Netherlands)
I am a bit of a lazy chess player. I want to improve my chess, but I don't want to work for it. Not too hard, anyway. I know it doesn't work like this. 'Chess is 99 percent tactics' and all that stuff. The activity statistics in Chessity help me to maintain my discipline in training in a way that I have not managed before. It shows in my rating, that has gone up a lot.

Jens Frederik (Norway)
I can’t say that I like everything about Chessity. The design is not quite to my taste, for instance. But overall, I think it is by far the best website to improve your chess. The chess puzzles are quite beautiful and the concept of a 'café' where you can analyze results is absolutely briljant. Another great thing is that it works perfectly on mobile devices: my commute has become my practice.

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