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There is a great match between Chess and Internet. We believe that chess will be more popular in the next decade; more than it has ever been. We also believe that gaming has a future in learning processes. Research proved that games rewards the brain more effectively than traditional ways of learning. This insight is where Chessity comes in!


The community for chess training

Chessity is the place were you can 'virtually' work together on your chess. Chessity's users join also because they know offers the web’s most effective training program. Thanks to this training, users report positive and often remarkable results.

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Developed by chess trainers and game designers 

Chess training becomes a truly enjoyable experience. Improve your chess by gaming! Chessity uses quality training material, because our chess trainers have worked on it for more than 20 years.

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Proven benefits

Based on extensive research, our chess training program selectively targets potential areas for improvement. By challenging you with engaging and constantly adapting exercises, has shown to improve Chess performance in chess players of all ages.

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The start of a exciting journey

It is our mission to spread the passion for chess all over the world. 

When you’ve decided to work with Chessity, you will not only have fun and become a stronger chess player. Together with Chessity you will invest in a journey to reinvent chess.