Tactics battle event rules

Chess tactics battle event "Setup and Rules"

1. The Event and the time

The event will last 30 minutes and will be played using the Chessbox game format only. Each game will have a time limit of 5 minutes.

2. Who can participate?

Anybody with a Chessity account can playthis event! That means new users, paying users and free users.... just come and have fun! You don't even have to register for the event up front. Just go the 'Your Games' page on the Chessity website and click on the event game icon...

3. Full puzzle catalog access

During the event all players will have access to the full Chessity puzzle catalog! This means 8000 of high quality chess puzzles, handmade or selected by Cor van Wijgerden.

4. Playing on equal terms

Players in the event will have to solve puzzles on their own level. At the start of the event all players start with a special event ELO rating of 1200. Correctly solving a puzzle will cause this rating to go up and failing will cause it to drop (as it goes with ELO ratings). The puzzles you are given in the chessbox game will be picked according to your event rating. Of course, we throw in a small random effect, using a an ELO 'window' around your event rating of about 200 points.... just to make things a bit more exciting! Note that this event rating has no relationship with or impact on your standard Chessity ELO rating such as used in the leaderboards. (see the next extremely important point...) This means that you can finally beat any grandmaster at a game of chess. (well, sort of...) But you could still loose of course!

5. No impact on your standard Chessity ratings and rankings

This event is a 'stand-alone' event, you cannot win or loose standard Chessity rating points. This event is all about having fun with training chess tactics. So, no worries for your position on the leaderboard!

6. And the winner is.....

So, how do you win this event? Simply, by scoring the most game points! Every puzzle you solve correctly will earn you 1 game point and every puzzle you fail to solve will cost you 1 game point. On top of that you can earn bonus points by winning a game: 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. You can also 'reward' yourself with a penalty point: if you leave a game while there are still closed chessboxes left ( 1 or more) it will cost you 1 game point. During the event the actual tournament standings will be available at the "Events" page on the Chessity website.

7. Who am I playing?

During the event you can play as many games as you can! Simply click the event icon, play the game and after finishing return to the 'Your Games' page on the website and click the icon again. The opponent you meet inside the game is selected on basis of availability, which means you could end up playing the same opponent sometimes.