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Chess is Child's play Sep 12, 2014

Finally, ‘gaming your training’ at is now easily accessible for our little players!

World Chess Tactics Battle May 27, 2014

How good are your chess tactics during time pressure? Be active June 1st at 20:00 (18:00 GMT) and you know it in 30 minutes!

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Why You Can Learn Anything (and how chess can help you)
carlthomen, Oct 5, 2014
You should have heard of Josh Waitzkin. He was the kid that inspired the Searching for Bobby Fischer movie. If you’re still struggling, think former American chess prodigy turned Tai Chi world c... » read all
The Importance of Endgames Knowledge
Erwin, Oct 3, 2014
So far the focus on Chessity has been primarily on tactics; and rightly so! Judit Polgar's statement that chess is 99% tactics contains a lot of truth. Still, when your level is rising, and so is the ... » read all

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