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Carlsen-Anand the preview Nov 7, 2014

This Saturday the World Championship Match starts in Sochi. Most chess fans think that Magnus Carlsen will keep his title, but what about the experts?

Chess is Child's play Sep 12, 2014

Finally, ‘gaming your training’ at is now easily accessible for our little players!

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Friday Column - take your chances
yodhaa, Dec 5, 2014
Hello everyone! This is IM Srinath Narayanan here, with another interesting Friday column!The previous week, we examined examples when the lower rated players got opportunities, but failed to utilise ... » read all
Do Children Like Having It Difficult?
Laimonas, Dec 4, 2014
Teaching something to your own children can be a delicate issue. Parents usually have very strong opinions on what their child ‘needs’ and what is ‘beneficial’ for him or her. ... » read all

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