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5 Jobs Pawns Are Awesome At
by PragueQueen on May 23, 2016   143   2
Ever wonder how pawns feel in a chess game? They are small, common, and unable to move backwards. The term special is hardly the proper description, not at least in the g...
A Chessity stronghold in Brazil
by JacquelineW on Apr 17, 2016   461   3
In Brazil, chess teacher Davy d’Israel has created a real Chessity stronghold and dreams about a national chess program in schools. “Chess can teach children ...
Can you play like the Women's World Champion?
by PragueQueen on Apr 9, 2016   509   6
It has been slightly over a month since the top female chess players fought for the 2016 Women’s World Champion crown in the Ukrainian city of Lvov. The championship ma...
How come children have an easier time learning chess...
by arunjchess on Mar 10, 2016   1155   4
We've all been there; Face to face with a ten-year-old armed with her giggles and ponytails, being mercilessly beaten, with our pieces butchered and King dragged out in t...
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