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Collaboration with the KNSB Apr 17, 2015

The Royal Dutch Chess Federation (in Dutch: KNSB) has started a collaboration with the internet start-up Chessity.

Chess is back in school Jan 24, 2015

Chess is back where it belongs: In school! After two weeks more than 1000 children and 20 schools add Chess to their educational curriculum.

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Better Chess Vision. A Manifesto
chesskontakt, May 7, 2015
It is becoming necessary for the attention of chess teachers, instructors and educators to be drawn to one circumstance which seems to be so slight that they do not even consider it their duty to noti... » read all
Strong & Steady Nakamura Part II
Inopov, Apr 23, 2015
Welcome back! Thanks for joining me again in learning from the instructive fighting games of the American Champion Hikaru Nakamura.   Last week, we examined his wins over the younger GMs of U... » read all

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