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Collaboration with the KNSB Apr 17, 2015

The Royal Dutch Chess Federation (in Dutch: KNSB) has started a collaboration with the internet start-up Chessity.

Chess is back in school Jan 24, 2015

Chess is back where it belongs: In school! After two weeks more than 1000 children and 20 schools add Chess to their educational curriculum.

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Arena - the gateway to making more friends on chessity
arunjchess, Nov 27, 2015
Remember this shy little blue icon? He usually hides in the bottom of the training page. We put him in the spotlight so people can actually see him. Now, he has a story to tell, and I hope you have t... » read all
A Christmas gift from Chessity.
arunjchess, Nov 12, 2015
Christmas is more than a month away, and we at Chessity have been thinking about the best gift that we could give you. Something special and better than the customary chocolates and cakes that you alw... » read all

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