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Chess is Child's play Sep 12, 2014

Finally, ‘gaming your training’ at is now easily accessible for our little players!

World Chess Tactics Battle May 27, 2014

How good are your chess tactics during time pressure? Be active June 1st at 20:00 (18:00 GMT) and you know it in 30 minutes!

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Who Won Recently? Fearless Fighter Lu Shanglei
Inopov, Oct 28, 2014
On October 20th, the prestigious World Junior Chess Championships concluded in Pune, India. The World Juniors, as it's often called, always draws the best U20 players from all over the world and this ... » read all
A Checkmate for ADHD
Laimonas, Oct 22, 2014
Playing Chess is very beneficial. In fact, Chess has been used as a brain-developing game for ages, and due to it's distinguished history is regarded as the king of all games. Taking into account the ... » read all

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