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Collaboration with the KNSB Apr 17, 2015

The Royal Dutch Chess Federation (in Dutch: KNSB) has started a collaboration with the internet start-up Chessity.

Chess is back in school Jan 24, 2015

Chess is back where it belongs: In school! After two weeks more than 1000 children and 20 schools add Chess to their educational curriculum.

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Who Won Recently? Strong & Steady Nakamura Part I
Inopov, Apr 15, 2015
Hi current and future Chessity members! I am finally back this month to continue my series on recent tournament winners. Ofcourse there have been many events happening lately but I believe one of the ... » read all
Say Chess!
arunjchess, Jan 22, 2015
The 77th TATA steel chess tournament at Wijk Aan Zee is heading to a conclusion this Sunday and the tournament is getting more exciting as it inches close to the end. The dramatic stories-twists and t... » read all

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