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Openingtrainer preparing development 1

In the initial position you can only move your pawns and knights. By placing a pawn in the center you open the path of one of the two bishops. This isn't the only way to activate your bishops. You can also place your bishops on the long diagonal. You do this by advancing your b-pawn or your g-pawn. A bishop on the long diagonal is called a fianchetto.

It is important that all your pieces participate in the battle. Sometimes it is not so easy to get the entire center. Then it is fine to settle for a pawn move where the pawn only moves one square.

See the example. Here black would like to activate the dark-squared bishop. For the time being it is blocked by your own pawns. Unfortunately, it is not possible to place the king’s pawn in the center, because it will then be lost! With ...e7-e6 or ...g7-g6 the path for the bishop can be cleared.

What do you have to do?

Look for active developing moves, but also consider if you can prepare the development of a piece.