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Openingtrainer center expansion 1

The one who dominates the center dominates the game. 

Sometimes the opponent will simply gift you the center. If your opponent is not fighting for the center, you may have the opportunity to put two pawns in the center. There are times when you can be even more ambitious by expanding your center further. This can be done by moving your f-pawn or your c-pawn. 

Well, playing up your f-pawn is a little risky because it opens up dangerous lines to your king. Should you want to play it, you have to be very confident! The c-pawn, on the other hand, is a perfect pawn to add to your center. You increase your space advantage and the enemy pieces have less and less room to move!

Expanding your center is often a good idea, but it does take time. This is because the moment you play your c-pawn, you are not playing a developing move. So it is not always better to expand your center – sometimes it is better to give priority to a developing move. This is a consideration you have to make yourself in any position! 

What do you have to do?

Look for two types of moves: 

  1. Developing moves with your knights and bishops 
  2. Investigate whether you can expand your center.