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Openingtrainer queen’s pawn 1

We talked earlier about how important it is to put a pawn in the center. In the beginning, most chess players choose to activate the king pawn. This is the most offensive option. Strong chess players feel at home in different position types. All world champions in the history of chess have experimented with different opening moves.

Sooner or later you will encounter opponents who choose to play their queen’s pawn on the first move. It is helpful that you then also know how to find your way.

Look carefully at the example. There are several good developing moves available. What stands out is that here is also an additional idea for White that we have not seen before. If you want to dominate the center it is important that you not only put a pawn in the center yourself, you also want to attack the enemy center! Therefore, the c-pawn is an important pawn that you can use to increase your influence over the center.

What do you have to do?

Find as many active developing moves with your knights and bishops as possible. Also see if you can activate the c-pawn.